A well-argued demolition of the myths that perpetuate the Sun’s Page 3, at least from a woman’s perspective.

I would add that Page 3 (and the lad’s mags) are damaging to men because it perpetuates the idea of the fantasy woman  and that women are sex objects. It  is also a possible doorway into more extreme forms of pornography, resulting in sex and internet addiction. My argument is based on experience rather than research. I would therefore argue that there is a logical and real connection between Page 3 and all forms of sexual abuse (whoever the victim).

One thing that my mum used to say when she discovered copies of FHM in my room in the past was: “I have to remember that I have a sister.” (I never really understood it until much later, when I had more experience.)

Originally posted on Slave of the Passions:

If like I did, you grew up in the UK, or have lived here at any point since 1970, you will be familiar with the existence of Page 3 in The Sun and other tabloid newspapers. For many people, I imagine that Page 3 is a feature of British life that they do not question or reflect upon. Or if they do think about it, they file it alongside Carry On films and saucy seaside postcards as an eccentric but ultimately benign quirk of our national identity.

Something that intrigues and amuses me is to imagine what non-British people must make of Page 3 when they encounter it for the first time. How completely baffling and perplexing it must be to learn that there is a British newspaper – indeed, the newspaper with the largest circulation of all – that every day, prints a full page photograph of a young…

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