Regular readers will know that one of common themes and bugbears is how the Left and right resort to economic growth to justify austerity or anti austerity policies. Its good to know that psychologically I am in right track and things are getting better even if it doesn’t seem like it. As Hegel says, everything happens in time through a dialectic between resistance and change, Freudian life and death instincts.

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This is a slightly different post to the usual, you know, fossils and shit. It concerns the psychology behind climate change and mobilising towards a green future. Now this is by no means my area of expertise, but when I attended a talk recently by Oliver James at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, entitled “Our Mad World”, it really struck a chord with me. As a young research scientist, considering the psychology behind the science is really quite tangential to what I’ve been taught, and not something I’ve ever considered in detail. James gave a wonderful talk (without using PowerPoint, bonus!), and the way in which he spoke and delivered his message really resonated with the attendees.

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